Free Guides for Solopreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses

I'm often asked for advice on a wide range of topics from marketing, social media, community building, generating audience, and lead gen. I'm still learning, but here are a few guides that cover what I've learned on my journey.


How to Harness the Power of Purpose to Grow Your Business

Purpose-driven companies grow three times faster than their competitors. This guide shows you how to identify your purpose, institutionalize it, and double down on marketing efforts around it.

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How to Grow an Audience from Zero as a Solo Entrepreneur

Solo entrepreneurs are winning in this new economy. But to win, you need to be ultra-lean and understand how to market yourself without wasting limited time. This guide shows you how lay the foundation of audience.

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5 Starter Growth Tips for Solo Consultants 

Owning your time. Control over income. Jumping into solo consulting has many benefits. But I wish I would have focused on these 5 things first to get me there faster. This guide shows you how to lay the foundation for solo consulting.

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