Work with Colleen

Navigating the Growth Maze with Expertise and Insight

In the ever-evolving world of growth marketing, having a seasoned expert by your side can be the catalyst for transcending barriers and achieving phenomenal growth. I provide Coaching, Marketing Advisory, and Fractional CMO services, tailored to fit your unique needs.


1:1 Coaching

We’ll discuss your goals and create an actionable plan to accelerate your results.

Individual focus:

Building skills, knowledge, and confidence

- Customized learning

- Long-term goals

- Mentorship


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Marketing Advisory Services

I advise businesses on how to scale, solve problems, and optimize marketing bang for the buck.


Strategic marketing guidance business-wide

Analysis of current efforts & recommendations

- Short term & specific goals

- Implementation support & monitoring progress


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Fractional CMO

I’ll provide high-level marketing leadership, bringing your vision to life - at the highest ROI possible.


Part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

- Holistic strategy development

- Executive oversight

- Cross-functional collaboration


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