Hit any goal in 6 steps

GNT #071: Hit any goal in 6 steps 🚀

business goals personal growth May 30, 2024

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And we're back from a 12-year-in-the-making trip to the Bahamas in our home-built airplane.🌴

12 years?


Before kids and building an airplane were even a thought in our minds, my husband, Ed, came across a blog from Tim Olson covering his flight to Staniel Cay in the Bahamas.

That blog prompted us down a path of research that would ultimately lead us to build N829ECbecome great friends with Tim and a few other flying families, and take the same trip he blogged about in 2009.

In honor of our long-anticipated trip, today we're covering a framework for reaching any lofty goal in 6 steps so you can achieve your dreams.

First: Reflect with Stop/Start/Continue

We're almost 6 months into the year (hard to believe, I know).

How did the first 6 months go for you?

Think about your New Year's Resolution, your goals for THIS year.

Are you on track to reach them?

I realized I was behind pace with a personal goal, but I also realized I didn't set my goal with enough clarity, specifics, and foresight.

(More on that next.)

First, let's take a look backward and forward with the Start, Stop, Continue technique created by Phil Daniels, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University

image cred leadingwithquestions.com

It's a powerful exercise to do with pen and paper. If you have them handy please grab them and come back to this!

So as you look at the course of 2024 -- what do you need to:


Things that are not being done but should.
Things to start doing to get better results.
Things worth trying or experimenting.


Things that are not working or helping.
Things that are not practical or delivering results.
Things we dislike.


Things that are working well.
Things that are worth continuing to see if they're worthwhile.
Things that we like or need.

If you need to adjust, bring clarity, or set goals you forgot to...

June is the perfect time to do so.

And now, let's get to it!

6 Steps to Hit Any Goal

From Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich.

#1. Fixate Your Mind on Exactly What You Want

You need to get crystal clear (like those Bahama waters!) on exactly what it is that you want.

Most people set goals like this:


"I want to lose some weight."
"I want to make more money."
"I want to meet more people."


According to Napoleon Hill, this is a terrible way to set goals.

Now, let's look at goals like these:


"I want to weigh 150 lbs with 20% body fat."
"I want to increase my profit by 20% by January 1st, 2025."
"I want to meet 15 new VPs of Marketing face-to-face by Sept 1st, 2024."


The more clear you are on exactly what you want, the more likely you are to see it --- and to hit it.

#2. Determine What You Will Give Up

Most of the time we're focused on what we need to do to achieve goals.

But the reality is when we say YES to something, we're also saying NO to something else.

This one is the hardest for me.

(I'm a recovering YES person.)

But If I can't say NO, it means I'm not willing to hit my goals.

We need to determine (with clarity) exactly what we will give up.

#3. What Date Will You Hit the Goal

“A goal without a deadline is just a dream” - Robert Herjavec and Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Without a set deadline, there's really no reason to start working hard at it.

#4. Create a Plan 

Immediately after setting the goal, create the clear plan for how you're going to hit it.

Just like extreme clarity helps you see your target. You can't get there without a well thought out plan.

Keeping in mind there will likely be adjustments along the way.

#5. Write a Clear and Concise Statement

Take what you crafted in 1-4 and write a simple 5 sentence max statement, similar to a mission statement.

-What you want
-When you're going to get it
-What you're going to give up
-How you're going to get there.

#6. Read Your Statement Out Loud 2x Per Day

Read your goal statement every single morning and evening.

I used to be so vague and light about my new year's resolution, sometimes I forgot I even had one!


Repeating your goal statement, out loud, 2x per day helps you keep it top of mind.

A tip from Rob Dial, Mindset Mentor, is to habit stack reading your statement with something else you already do 2x per day.

Like brushing your teeth.

BONUS #7. How Can I Make This Easier?

Making real change in life is hard work.

Rob Dial asks his coaching clients, "How can you make things easier on yourself?"

If you're going to the gym early, can you set out your clothes the night before?
If you're following a meal plan, can you meal prep or delegate to a meal service?


If you're serious about finally tackling a goal.

Or maybe you're realizing your current annual goal is a bit off-track.

Take the time to reflect with Start/Stop/Continue.

And use these 6 steps to nail it.

#1. Fixate Your Mind on Exactly What You Want
#2. Determine What You Will Give Up
#3. What Date Will You Hit the Goal
#4. Create a Plan 
#5. Write a Clear and Concise Statement
#6. Read Your Statement Out Loud 2x Per Day
BONUS #7. How Can I Make This Easier?

Your dream is absolutely achievable.

See you next week.



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